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Includes: Greenwashing, Shopping Myths Revealed & Product Label Definitions

Do you find yourself feeling confused and overwhelmed when you go shopping? If so, you’re not alone.

The Shop Safer Bundle is a collection of three shopping guides: the TOP 10 SHOPPING MYTHS REVEALED, THE SIX SHADES OF GREENWASHING and PRODUCT LABEL DEFINITIONS.

The Shop Safer Bundle is an essential collection meticulously crafted to enhance your shopping experience. It includes:

  • Top 10 Shopping Myths Revealed: Debunk the most common shopping myths that could be misleading you.
  • The Six Shades of Greenwashing: Dive deep into the world of misleading eco claims and learn how to spot them. Understand the various levels of greenwashing and how they affect your purchasing decisions.
  • Product Label Definitions: Get a comprehensive guide to deciphering the true meaning behind product labels.

With the Shop Safer Bundle, you're equipped to:

  • Shop with Confidence: Navigate through the maze of product claims with ease.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Know which labels are trustworthy and which ones to steer clear of.

With the Shop Safer Bundle, you can finally shop with confidence and ease, knowing which labels and claims to trust, and which ones to avoid. Grab your copy at a significant discount today!

Note: This digital download is non-refundable

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