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Aquasure Whole House Water Softener/Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Bundle (48,000 Grains)

Aquasure Whole House Water Softener/Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Bundle (48,000 Grains)

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Brand: Aquasure

Color: Black


  • Perfect for homes with 3 to 4 bathrooms and up to 4 family members, who desires softened water and clean, pure drinking water for the whole family.
  • Rated to treat 48,000 grains of hardness by removing skin damaging hard minerals like iron and magnesium that clog up the skin pore and cause irritation.
  • Exceptional performance & high efficient Aquatrol control head and Aquasure reverse osmosis membrane help save water and reduce overall maintenance cost.
  • Constructed of high strength, premium-quality materials with built-in safety features that ensure your home is protected even during system downtime.
  • Up to 5-years manufacturer warranty with lifetime tech support for the life of the system.

Part Number: AS-PR75HS48D


Products Overview

The Aquasure AS-HS48D whole house water softening system is built to provide soft, scale and spot free water for the entire house. Perfect for the household size of 3 to 4 bathrooms and up to 4 people. The Aquasure AS-PR75A reverse osmosis drinking water filter offers exceptional performance in water contaminant rejection and produces refreshingly clean, pure, deliciously tasting drinking water.

Ideal for family With hard water problem Drink a lot of water With newborn Skin irritation Wanting to reduce plastic waste

Specification AS-HS48D / Water Softener Water Production: 48,000 grains of hardness Connection Type: 1" NPT Dimension: 62" x 10" x 10" Resin Tank / 36" x 15" x 15" Brine Tank

AS-PR75A / Reverse Osmosis Contaminants Rejection: Up to 99% Water Production: 75 GPD Connection: 1/4" Quick Connect Dimension: 15" x 5.25" x 15" System / 15" x 11" Tank

EAN: 0855864008538

Package Dimensions: 56.0 x 12.0 x 12.0 inches

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